So there we were, Catherine and I, at Bánkút for the World Orienteering Championship Relays, and it was lunchtime so we thought we’d walk up the hill to get a bite to eat (and some welcome shade). I eschewed the vans selling kürtöskalács and főtt virsli and headed for the büfé at the Fehér Sas.

First, we waited patiently in the queue. Then the amiable guy behind the counter took our order (Catherine wanted the “Amerikai Hot Dog”) and I paid. Although I didn’t expect the hot dog to be handed over immediately, I did notice that the sudden absence of nénis in the kitchen wasn’t ideal. After a while the guy threw me a glance and muttered something about “5 perc”, but it was more like 15. And then…

When it was handed over, it looked very impressive, a sub filled with salad, but it didn’t take a genius to notice that the sausage (which looked like a typical English specimen) was hideg. Uncooked. Yum.