September 18, 2009

I’d categorise Lecho (Hungarian Lecsó, Slovak Lečo) as a typical lunchtime dish, but I’m sure people eat it for supper too! It’s especially popular when tomatoes and paprikas are in season: it’s a good way to use plenty of the crop in a nourishing meal.

Chop and fry two small onions and three or four paprikas. “Paprika” here doesn’t mean the hot, red variety, or the bell peppers also known as capsicums, but what Hungarians call zöldpaprika, “green pepper”. I’ve found them in greengrocers in London (I paid £1.60 for six last weekend) but they don’t seem to be available anywhere in the vidék (provinces). You’ll know them when you see them: they’re pointy and, er, yellow. (Warning: the pointy green peppers that are actually green are hot.) Zöldpaprika is a fantastic salad vegetable, also great in sandwiches, so I hope that one day they catch on over here!

Chop 3 frankfurters and 5-6 tomatoes, or 2-3 beef tomatoes, and add to the pot, along with two or three eggs and some salt, ground black pepper and paprika powder. (If you haven’t got any fresh tomatoes, use two tins.) Stir fry. As soon as the eggs and tomatoes are cooked, serve up hot to the table.

Fresh and filling.


One Response to “Lecho”

  1. Hettie Says:

    I can eat lecso for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can it it every day once or twice a day for a week. I know from experience. I just love this juicy, tasty dish.

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